Venue Layout and Road Closures

The Festival will be held in the main shopping street in Belmont Village (Station Road), in the grounds of St John's Church and in the Belmont Rest Garden Park.

For those of you not familiar with the location of Belmont Village you can find the venue on Google maps by clicking here.

The main stage will be located at the junction of Station Road and Queens Road.  The Children's Arena events and the licensed Beer Tent will be located in the church grounds and the Belmont Rest Garden respectively.

if you are arriving by bike, please come via Queens Road (from The Crescent) and then turn down the alley way behind the Garage and then turn left into California Close.  

Disabled visitors can be dropped off in Northdown Road, but cars cannot be left there (even if displaying a blue badge).

There will be road closures and parking suspensions during the Festival (see below). These WILL affect local residents. 

Note that the layout above is provisional and may be subject to change.

Impact of Road Closures on Traffic and Parking
To provide space for the Festival, road closures and parking suspensions will be in place in Belmont Village from 8.00 to 20.00 on the day of the Festival.  Local residents should also be aware that there will be significant noise from 12.00 to 17.00 from the acts on the stage that will be erected across the junction of Station Road and Queens Road.

Station Road will be closed from the railway bridge up to its junction with Queens Road.

Queens Road will be closed between the War Memorial garden and the mini-roundabout at the junction with Station Road as will the very short stretch of Avenue Road outside the Church between the two mini-roundabouts up to its junction with Northdown Road.  
The map above shows the closure points.

The implications for residents and businesses during the Festival road closure hours is as follows:

1.   Through Traffic:  Because of the closure of Station Road, through traffic between Brighton Road and the A217 Belmont Rise will be directed to go around the roundabout at the end of the A217 dual carriageway to Banstead.

2.   Residents of Kings Road, Cross Road and Belmont Road, must use the Belmont Road and then exit via The Crescent.  It will NOT be possible to exit in either direction via Station Road.

3.   Residents of Queens Road must use The Crescent.  Residents of numbers 2 to 8 Queens Road will not be able to access their driveways during as stalls will be positioned across their frontage.  If they need to use their vehicles during the Festival, they must move them out the night before.  Parking outside numbers 2 to 8 Queens Road and alongside the War Memorial garden will be suspended during the Festival.

4.   Residents and businesses within the closed section of Station Road will not be able to access their premises by vehicle from Station Road.  Parking in the closed section of Station Road will also be suspended. 

Rear access to 15 to 33 Station Road (odd numbers) will be possible via the rear passageway and exit into Belmont Road.

Rear access to 24 to 34 Station Road (even numbers) will be possible through the rear passageway that opens onto The Crescent.

5.   Residents of California Close (1 to 39) will have access through the passageway behind the Garage and onto Queens Road.

6.   Residents of Deacon House will have vehicular access onto Kings Road as usual, but will need to use Cross Road and Belmont Road as there will be no direct access onto Station Road.

7.   Residents of 2-14 Avenue Road will not be able to access their premises by vehicle.

Affected residents who may want to use their vehicles during the closure period are advised to park outside the Festival area before 08.00 on the morning of the Festival.

Residents are also requested to take note of the suspension of parking in Station Road (from the foot of the railway bridge up to Queens Road), Queens Road (by War Memorial) both sides and Kings Road (first 35m, up to rear entrance to Deacon House).  Parking in Northdown Road (Belmont side) is also suspended and will be reserved for Festival use so please do not park there.

Reminder signs will be attached to lampposts in the affected area, but please make special note of the parking restrictions as we would hate to have to tow a resident’s vehicle away on the day!

If you have any questions, please contact us by email at:


All details are provisional and subject to change